Friday, February 27, 2015

Ink Swatches

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I am working on some stamping projects and decided to swatch my stamping ink colors to see what I had and how they stamp. I came across Jennifer McGuire's blog, she had a video on how to swatch your colors. She even has a printable downloadable chart. I found a solid circle stamp I had in my stash to stamp with and I got started. I plan to take them with me when I go to buy more colors. I did, however decide that I will now have to buy ink pad with re-inkers. Really what's the point to buying ink pads, if you can't reuse them when the ink drys out?  I have also see someone on the internet, I think she goes by the frugal crafter. She uses glycerin to juice up pads that are drying out.

Here are my swatch samples.

I used the back of my card stock too, so some of my red came through a little.  I have alot of cheap inks and I intend to eventually upgrade to better inks. This will eliminate some of my stamping frustrations with some of those. For now I just need to know what I have. Plus if I like a color and want to replace it with a better quality ink, I'll know what color I am going to replace.

The three whites that I have I decided to stamp on black card stock and adhere it to this chart. As you can see Colorbox has a nice white.

Sorry about the fuzzy picture, I hadn't realized that my camera did that, but you can still see the names and colors of my blacks. I have to say my favorite for sentiments is Versafine- Onyx Black it always does a great job! I hope this helps you in figuring out how to do your own swatches. I think it'll be very helpful in my projects and in buying inks in the future.