Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heart Pot Holder

Well since Valentines Day is next month, I have decided to share a heart shaped pot holder I made. I made this last year and gave a few of them away. I made one for my husband with a cool fire background. I got the original Idea from Martha Stewart living Magazine. Unfortunitly I tossed the magazine without getting the pattern. I snooped around her website and finally got the pattern.  Go here to get all the info plus the pattern.

This is the one I made my Hubby
Here are a picture of the other one I made.

The key in making these is to buy the fire resistant material. You don't want to burn your fingers when using these on your pot or pans. I used regular cotton batting from warm and natural and I like the thickness.
It was not to thick, but yet they are functional. The only tough time I had was with the binding. I would love to buy a binding tool to do that work. Just take it slow when sewing and make sure you catching both sides with the needle.