Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas is Over!

Well Christmas is over and now we are getting ready for the new year! Here is something I worked on over the holidays.

Crocheted Fleece Blanket:

Here's how I made this:
1) I bought the fleece at 1 1/4 yards. I bought a special rotary blade called a slipstitch blade. It perforates the fabric.
2) I washed and dried my fabric, cut the fabric to size.
3) Sewed it, right sides together; Perforated it with my slipstich rotary blade. In the pictures the fabric is already perforated  because this one I did backwards. it is best to Sew it first then perforate it, you get a more even perforation for your crocheting that way. I drew the curve and cut off the excess, it makes for a nice curve when you turn it to the right side.
4) I left about a 4 inch opening on one side when I sewing it. That way I could turn it right side out and slip stitch the edge closed.
5) Iron Steam the edges after I turned it to the right side, using a low heat on my iron, just enough to make steam and I used a pressing cloth over the fabric. This helped the blanket edges lay flat and it was easier to crochet.
6) Then all you do is crochet the edges.

 It turned out very nice and neat! This double fleece blanket is very warm! I found it to be intermediate in difficulty, mainly because there are no instructions on the internet on how to make the double fleece blanket. So I had to figure this stuff out on my own. Also being my 1st time making this there was a small learning curve. All in all I enjoyed it and now I know how to make it and will be ready next year for gifts!