Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots of Things to talk about

First I want to announce that I finally have a place for all of you to go to buy my cards. Up until this week I have been asked where can people see and buy my cards and aside from this blog I didn't have a place.... NOW I do. To purchase cards and other gift from me visit me at
I am listed as Artsy Chica. Family and Friends can email me directly, if you want or go on this website. Ok so I have been a busy bee and have made 10 cards this week, whew! I am pooped! Thanks to Yoli my sister for putting my feet to the fire on getting my cards out there! So as soon as your done here, if you haven't gone to go check it out!

Next I was checking out a fellow SCS Card maker's blog and she is giving out some fun blog candy go check it out. Everyone loves freebies!
so that is what I have for today. I will contune to post my stuff, but will link to now too.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

This Weeks Goodies

Today I am going to share what I have been working on.

This card was made using the Cuttlebug embosser and I used a onsie stamp and pencil colored the image in pink. This card is 3x3 inches and comes with an envelope.

Baby Girl Card 

This card was made using the Cuttlebug embosser and a star brad with a little princess clear sticker.

Gift-Card Holder
This is a gift card holder using some fun preprinted embellishments and embossed background paper with the Cuttlebug.

(inside of gift card holder)

Gift Card Holder
This is gift card holder has a pre-printed flower and hand made dots with a belly band.

(inside gift card holder)

Cupcake Gift Card Holder
This gift card holder was made using a scalloped punch and a printed cupcake. The cherry on top of the cupcake has sparkle glitter.

(Inside the gift-card holder)

Holds a standard gift card on the right side.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Spring time!

Wow I can't believe I haven't updated my blog lately. It is finally spring and It's funny how busy one can get and then all of a sudden you look back at your week and say where did it go? I want to thank my Friend Gem for Reminding me to update my blog. Gem is another crafty girl , Check out her blog at
So today I am going to go back a bit and post a few different things. Let's start with my sparkly nails: I had been in a very PINK mood so I decided 2 weeks ago to do this fun look. Known in the Nail world as Glitter Nails or "Rockstar".

Hopefully by next week I will have changed this out, I am getting bored with it now since I have been wearing them for 2 weeks.

Ok on to my next item. My niece just a smidge before her 12th birthday and I have been sewing together. She is an adorable tween and I love teaching all my crafty stuff. I think I have the inner spirit of a 12 year old girl...I LOVE Glitter! and all things sparkly, my friend Amanda says we are fish (her and I) because we love sparkly stuff.  Last week I was teaching my niece how to sew, so here are pictures of her sewing herself this cute little bag. She even pick out that cute fabric from my fabric stash! Next we are going to sew a super cute Mermaid bottom for her mono fin. I know she will just look adorable! and make a beautiful Mermaid!

All Done! How cute is that?

I just know she is going to grow up to be a super crafter!

Oh and I forgot to post what I made for my daughter for Easter.
This is supposed to be a small Hobo type purse /bag, but she was in great need of a new make-up bag, yes she can fill this at least 1/2 full with her make-up. It is so cute! I just had to make her one.

I got the free pattern from

This is called a Grab bag

Well I guess this week's theme was sewing, next week I will change it up a bit!
Thanks for stopping by!