Monday, May 11, 2015

Washi Washi!

Follow Me on Pinterest Today I want to talk about Washi Tape. What is Washi tape? Washi Tape is a decorative paper tape, it also comes in a fabric similar to ribbon, but it is backed with adhesive. There are many decorative styles out there. I like to use it on cards and on envelopes, but those are only a few uses for it. People use it in day planners and calendars, as well as gift tags or to decorate boxes, etc. Below is my very small stash of Washi tape.

This is my small stash of Washi Tape

This is how I used some of the brown  with white polka dots

There are tons of places to buy this Washi Tape, I have purchased mine at the following stores.
Dollar Tree & Daiso. I mostly buy mine at the Dollar Tree as they are coming out with alot more scrapbooking items. I hope to do more and share what I will do with my Washi Tape. If you look up Washi Tape on Pinterest, you will see a ton of ideas! I hope this helps and gives you ideas for your next project!