Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ceiling Fan Redo

Today I decided to redo the ceiling fan in my dining room. It started out as a gross yellow brass color. I had been doing some looking around on line for a color that would look classy and sleek. I found this color at the Home Depot it was under $8. I think that was a great price for the Major change in my ceiling fan. I enlisted the help of my tall and sweet cousin. He took it down for me and disassembled all the parts and put it back up after it was all done.
This is the color:

This is the lamp before the redo:

Dirty, Gross and Ugly! Oh and VERY dated.
I cleaned the fan blades and rubbed it with Old English. The fan blades had an oak finish on one side and a cherry finish on the other. I decided that the cherry finish was so much richer than the oak. So I am having the Cherry finish facing down.

I washed all the parts and repainted them:

My Fan Redo! So Much Nicer!