Friday, August 12, 2011

The best fun you can have is giving!

I am preparing to attend a charity event on Saturday. It's called Diva for a Day and it is for foster pre-teen and teen girls with their new foster moms.It is being put on by:  They will be getting a nice lunch,  their hair primped, a Make-up makeover and of course, I will be polishing their nails. I received a very nice donation of 15 Files and 15 Full size Nicole polishes from ABS Beauty Supply in Roseville, CA . I also received 15 lip Balms from Henry whom, is my Avon Rep. Here in Citrus heights, CA  I don't want to leave out my girlfriend Amanda, whom works at the Zoo was able to get each of the girls a pass to the Zoo! Plus they will be getting allot of other goodies from others that are donating for this good cause.

I made these cute little gift bags for their goodies.

So I thought maybe some of you would like to try this, it is not hard.
Here I have (2) Shapes from Scrapbook paper. I used my electronic cutter to cut the (topnote like shape)
I also have a plain white paper lunch bag cut to just a bit under the size of the paper shape.

Next I used my double sided glue runner tape and ran the tape around all 4 edges of the bag. I adhered the paper shape to the bag on both sides.

Here is a side shot so you can understand how this goes together.

Another Shot- more of the front side

This is the stack of little bags waiting for decoration!

Next I add decoration to the front of the bags and punch a hole in the center top to make a handle.
This can get tricky. I used a round 1" punch on one side, lined up the other side with the 1st punch and punched again. I did do the 1st 2 bags through all the layers, but would not recommend it because it may break your punch.

This is the final result all bags have the goodies in them and are now packed up and ready to go to tomorrow's event!
I hope this will inspire you to give of your talents! You never know who will be blessed by it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Newest Nail Design - Monster vs. Konad

I have been very intrigued with a new form of nail design. It's very simple , but it does take practice to get it just right. It's Nail Stamping. I had purchased a Konad stamping plate about 4 months ago, played with it a little and put it away. I then bought the Monster Bundle Plates from I really like the designs, but I must say that the Konad Plates are superior to the MB Plates. The MB plates are not as deeply etched, so that is probabley the reason that they don't imprint that well. The Konad plates are alot more deeply etched and come out great! (oh and alot more expensive per plate) I decided that we just needed to play with the new plates, so I did a basic fill on my friend Rhonda. (Note: This is her first fill with me, she is letting her previous acrylic grow out and I am doing gel on her now)
Doesn't she have pretty hands? I think her nails and her cool zebra desgn came out great! I used a nailart striper black polish by Art Deco (I think I got it at the Dollar Tree) for the design. The other black polish I had wasn't working very well and it needs to be kind of thick. They sell speicial (expensive) polish for the stamping, but you can just play with and trying different polishes, until you find one that works. I have ALOT of polish, so that isn't very hard to do.

Her top hand pinkie is stamped with the MB16 Plate (Monster Bundle) as you can see it is not that dark, but I did the rest of her nails with M57 (Konad Plate) and we really liked it! I used the same polish on both plates and the Konad plate did much better. Since I have the new Monster Bundle plates I will have to figure out which polish works well with these new plates. I will be posting more as I figure this out. This is my new nail addiction!

Headband Sewing Project

I enjoy sewing and Ilove to get creative, this week my stepson asked if I would make his girl a Headband. He picked out all the colors and fabric and we came up with the design together.
I used this varigated purple mottled fabric and really pretty brown and purple paisley fabric and I did a very nice decorative stich # 17 on my Babylock  and it looks pretty darn cool! I'm now working on sewing a coupon holder. I will post that when I'm done!

Close up