Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I decided it was time to post a Fall Nails post. I was watching one of my Youtube girls video. Her name is Raquel and Her Vlog on Youtube is Love4nails. She always does an amazing job. If you love nail art, you should check her Youtube channel out.
Now I was inspired by a set of nailart she had done on herself, but I wanted to do a more fall theme, so here is my version.
Here are the colors I used:

I used these 2 acrylic paints, although I don't think they show up very well.

And Finally, I used these Amber gemstones from Sally's

Now for my Nails

I am not crazy about Gold or Yellow, so I will only wear these for a week. I was really going for a more bronze look, but got Gold. I am still happy with the design, just not crazy about the color. I am trying to get all my nails the same length, but can't bring myself to cut my longer nails down, yet. Hope you guys like my share today.