Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot Tomato! End of Summer Tomato Sauce

My friend Amanda gave me tomatoes from her work at the last minute the other day. I couldn't possibly eat them all, so I decided that I should try making some tomato sauce from them. So here is what I did.

The Tomatoes- Came sliced

Quartered- Nothing added (blended until pureed)

Pressed th sauce through a sieve to keep all the seeds out.

Cooked the sauce on low overnight, I
probabley could have done it in less time
but didn't want to cook to high.

The Results!

So there you are! it really wasn't hard or complicated. Now I will freeze my sauce for future use and in my house we like red sauce, so I am sure it will get used up! When freezing in glass be careful to defrost it slowly and never defrost it the Microwave or in hot water as the glass can break.