Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots of Things to talk about

First I want to announce that I finally have a place for all of you to go to buy my cards. Up until this week I have been asked where can people see and buy my cards and aside from this blog I didn't have a place.... NOW I do. To purchase cards and other gift from me visit me at
I am listed as Artsy Chica. Family and Friends can email me directly, if you want or go on this website. Ok so I have been a busy bee and have made 10 cards this week, whew! I am pooped! Thanks to Yoli my sister for putting my feet to the fire on getting my cards out there! So as soon as your done here, if you haven't gone to go check it out!

Next I was checking out a fellow SCS Card maker's blog and she is giving out some fun blog candy go check it out. Everyone loves freebies!
so that is what I have for today. I will contune to post my stuff, but will link to now too.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hey there, Julie! I'm off to check your cards at Artfire... I'm sure they're all fantastic! Wishing you the best!