Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Newest Projects

I was looking around last week for some really cute graphics for a greeting card for my daughter, so I went to my recently bookmarked websites. You usually forget what cool stuff is in there that you saved. Kinda like putting things in a drawer for a rainy day. So I remembered I liked the graphics at Gems Cottage I started to look around for something pretty and I found a very pretty set of flowers graphic set called Roses in Winter, which is very fitting for this month and my daughter. I also wanted to get a coffee theme and found a super cute set called Over a Cup of Coffee. I placed my order and hit a snag, but called Gem and it was all fixed within the hour. I got to talking to her and she is just one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She is so helpful and we just hit it off. Did you notice I have updated my blog constantly lately? Thanks to Gem we agreed to keep each other accountable to posting on our blogs at least 1x a week. She just posted to her blog go visit her cool blog at Gem's Blog. Ok so I made a very pretty card and I have some gift card holders to share.

This is the card I made for my daughter using the Roses in Winter Set. I had to embellish it of course with Ribbons, Glitter and a Bow.

Now since I was on a roll with making stuff I found a very cute template for a gift card holder and decided to try my hand at it so here are my versions of those gift card holders.

In this one I used graphics from and I used printed scrapbook paper I had on hand, Super cute for a birthday gift card.

Here is the next one where I used Gem's Over a Cup of Coffee Set.

Here is the inside:

There you have it! my cool stuff for today!

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